Virbac & Archer Malmo tackle canine bad breath to bring home 5 VETTY Awards

See how personal experiences can inspire the sweet, sweet smell of award-winning, effective creative work.

When dogs roam your office regularly over the span of 20 years, you pick up a few things about what it takes to keep them healthy and strong. 

At Archer Malmo, dogs are a part of our culture. So much so, that you’ll find nearly every employee knows each dog by name and knows who their owner is. 

So, when asked to create a campaign that centers around a dog’s dental health for our client Virbac, a global pharmaceutical company dedicated exclusively to animal health, Archer Malmo took personal experiences straight to the drawing board. There’s that saying, “Do what you know best,” and Archer Malmo knows pets. 

When 75% of dog owners complain about their dog’s breath, something has to be done about it. That’s where Virbac and Archer Malmo partnered up, creating an engaging digital campaign for the company’s latest VEGGIEDENT dental chew products.

The strategy? Create an interactive campaign that educates consumers about easy, tasty solutions to dog bad breath in a fun and unique way. 

The result? A stop-motion video series that highlights the dog toy’s perspective when their furry best friend has bad breath.

The video series includes engaging content for social media promotion that targets veterinarians and pet owners. Currently, the campaign has reached 4.2 million dog owners, with a little over 1.5 million views of the video ads.

When passion is poured into work you enjoy, great results happen. 

This year, Archer Malmo took home five VETTY Awards for its work on the Virbac VEGGIEDENT Zen/Flex campaign— three Gold, one Silver, and the highest recognition Judges Award. Put on by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), the annual awards recognize the best advertising, design, digital, experiential and public relations campaigns in animal health. Archer Malmo has been recognized for its work in the annual VETTY Awards every year since its inception in 2017. 

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